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* "You must gain 2 Mysticality to advance to level 23." ARGH. *sigh* I'm going for the Level 30 trophy in KoL, and it's frickin' arduous, man.

* We only need three more people for the LARP here on Monday evening! Please? yunatwilight really needs to beta-test it. (laurion, you can play as long as you're not action in the game at Brandeis! And bring friends!)

* I need to make a list of the jewelry-making supplies I need. *nods*

* Disability attorney thinks I have a good case. Yay! I need to make an appointment with him. And my regular doc. And my neuro. Hopefully same day/time-ish for the latter two, as they're in the same building.

* Still a bit overwhelmed; basically need someone to sit with me and keep me task-focused. Wish Adam had that in his skillset!

* Elayna's first soccer game is next Saturday! Go Elayna! (Yes, she plays both soccer and flute. She's a jock and a band geek.)

* Speaking of Elayna, we got the Pink Moon T-shirt yesterday - her first BPAL shirt. :) Cute little skellygirl!

* Spooky and Adam are right about letting lies and liars stand; I shan't speak any further on the subject. I'd advise you not to believe what you hear from drama whores and people you think may be drama whores, and to please assume that I have not done anything mean or illogical, and to please ask me. Thank you. *nods*
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