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Come play with us.

It was Jack who set everything up back in '89. He and his sister Annie inherited an old warehouse when their parents kicked it and decided to turn it into their own private bohemia -- a place where the two of them and their friends, lovers, and miscellaneous others could live and love without having to worry about the little ways in which life ties you down to the railroad tracks.

Everything gets shared in the Building. Money's never a problem; enough comes in to pay the bills, keep the power on and stock the pantries, and nobody really cares who's responsible for it coming in. Jack does the repairs; his boyfriend Ben does the cleaning. Art supplies and books for everyone's use. A roof over your head, unconditional friendship and love.

It worked so well for so long.

"Kind Friends Together" is a drama in two acts on the topics of art, sex, death, and trust. It is a "real world, serious issues" game, and players must be willing to deal with high volumes of angst, rage, and guilt; they should be ready for anything. Players should also expect the possibility of playing bisexual or transgendered characters. 18+ only.

This is a yunatwilight production - she's beta-testing it for the Brandeis Fetival of LARPs. This game will take place Monday evening, April 2, at my house. Players include me and liamstliam.

We need four three more players!

Please come play with us! Help yunatwilight test her game! There will be punch and pie!
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