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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader bluegargantua! :)

Doing pretty okay. I'm better overall now that I have the Lunesta - getting sleep every night really helps.

Elayna decided to tag along at the last minute! So people who showed up early got to meet Elayna. :) People who showed up later missed out, as we left around 6:30 - she needed to get forgotten homework done, and our ride, liamstliam, was exhausted...

I continue to be unsubtle in telling cute people that they're cute. Yay me? It's because I tend to be fairly oblivious myself. So it's sort of a "do unto others" thing. :)

If we have plans, check the schedule post at the top of my journal to make sure I know about them! My short-term memory is a lot better now that I've switched brain drugs, but it's still not impeccable. And if you want to have plans with me, comment there. *nod*

Long Pig Barbecue
Detailed article about the smell of burning humans. Gross, but interesting!

Smoke and Mirrors
This looks shiny! No pun intended. beetiger's going on Friday... anyone else want to?

Daily Science
Scientists have moved one step closer to understanding how stars are formed after the discovery of molecular oxygen in interstellar space, the Swedish Space Corporation said on Tuesday.

The discovery “is important for understanding the chemistry in large interstellar clouds where new stars are formed, and the processes behind star formation,” it said in a statement.

Daily BPAL
Nope. Out of smellies.

BPAL news: They're discontinuing bath bombs. :(
BPAL pimpage: Looking for a way to store your favorite imps? Check out the gorgeous little tins at Cosmo's Curiosities!
'songBPALinfo: I will be posting a supermegasale soon. Just need to go through the hoard. Cyn will maybe help tomorrow?

I go now!
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