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Happy early birthday to justbeast, who advances a year over the weekend!

Pain went to moderate-to-severe yesterday, enough to necessitate the taking of Flexeril, which, as predicted, knocked me on my ass for the entire rest of the day. So my day was consumed by sleep, rather than by reading and writing. *sigh*

Today's better.

Elayna has glasses! She only needs them for distance stuff, and should take them off for reading and video games. They're so cute. Dark purple plastic, her choice - not emo kid glasses, but really sharp. I'm getting a similar pair on payday, as my astigmatism has gotten markedly worse. Yes, there will be pictures.

Dad's actually mostly okay by now. Mom has two cracked ribs. *wince* She worked a half-day yesterday for the first time since the accident, and will do the same today. Dad's doing better than Mom. I'm checking on them daily. I worry.

Yeah, I have a turmoilicious relationship with them, and yeah, they fucked up a lot during my childhood and adolescence, but I've dealt with that. (I'm having the childhood now that I didn't get then!) I don't wish pain on them...

My priority for next week is sorting through the eBait boxes and putting stuff on eBay and Craigslist, whichever fits best... and sorting through the BPAL hoard and selling the bottles I rarely wear, and backup bottles I won't need. Also, the art supplies I ordered should be coming in, so I need to take a day or two for arting, as Mousie would put it, and populating my Etsy shop.

Do One Nice Thing
Via kebechet:

Daily Science
Everyone has seen a prism bend light. Now researchers have constructed a material that bends visible light in the opposite way. The odd effect, known as negative refraction, is similar to what is needed in far-out proposals for creating a cloak of invisibility. For now, however, the device only works in two dimensions, so construction of invisible spaceships will have to wait.

Daily BPAL

Mama-Ji: Spices, cardamom, nutmeg, and flowers.

In bottle: Soft spice blend.

On me: Surprisingly, it's the nutmeg that jumps out first, not the cardamom! It softens soon enough, though, and the spices swirl together; warmth, and something just below the surface. Well done. :)

Tanin'iver: Lilith’s monstrous dragon steed: dragon’s blood resin, patchouli, pomegranate, myrrh, mimosa, cassia, blood musk and smoke.

In bottle: Delicious! Blood musk, myrrh, bit of pomegranate.

On me: Equally delicious! Mmmm. This reminds me a *tiny* bit of Blood Moon, actually. Musky and resinous, with a touch of spice. Mama likes!

Frumious Bandersnatch: Bandersnatch musk, redolent of spicy carnations, wild plums and chrysanthemum.

In bottle: Floral.

On me: Floral musk. The plum's only an afterscent.

Elixir VI: Detox: Purge, purify, cleanse.

In bottle: Citrus.

On me: Waaay citrus. I can find another way to purge, purify, and cleanse, thank you very much.

Friday memeage!
Wearing: The oversized Bon Jovi T-shirt I slept in, and jeans.

Reading: Marie Antoinette: The Journey, by Antonia Fraser. Just finished Nick Sagan's Edenborn, which I liked just as much as Idlewild; Adam's reading the third book in the series, and I am waiting impatiently. :P Elayna is reading Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Writing: The Geek 500. :) What do you think is essential to geekitude? Where does our common culture lie/originate? The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dungeons and Dragons, Isaac Asimov... slipjig and I are mapping the Geek 500, 500 commonalities. Whee!

Yes, still working on Shayara; yes, it's still happening. :P But this pays me monies, so it's what I need to work on this weekend.

Cleaning/organizing office closet and putting in some work this morning; date with ian_gunn this afternoon/evening.
Not-date with mgrasso tomorrow morning (potato pancakes!); afternoon plans depend on if my art supplies have come in. :)
Sunday, Elayna's going to her friend's Shakespeare birthday party. I wish I could go! We got her the Shakespeare's insults magnet set - thanks for the tip, beetiger!

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