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Also: The theme of this week is deceleration.

Slamming the brakes on my high level of activity would be almost as damaging as continuing unabated. So. Deceleration.

And I'm looking at all the stuff I have to do, and not panicking, and planning to deal with it in an organized fashion - and reminding myself that I have time.

I got rather a lot done today. Much of it was online, to the point that I'm having a twinge of RSI trouble - will be heading offline after this, and saving my big workspace project for tomorrow.

My goals for this week:

* Reorganize hall closet
* Reorganize office closet
* Check out new yoga place
* Log 10 hours of paying work

...which probably sounds small to you, but hey. When I look at everything and panic, I need to remind myself that it's okay to set smallish goals so's not to get so overwhelmed.

I'm really excited about the incoming art supplies, and looking forward to dedicating a chunk of next week to Making Stuff.

What are your goals for this week? And what are you looking forward to?
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