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- There's a Plumbing Issue, which is keeping me at home, waiting to be able to shower and brush my teeth. Also, staying home means bills and things aren't getting mailed.
- Can't get my car out anyway, so can't get Elayna to her eye appointment.
- Ow.

+ Got the ring I ordered at Boskone (had to be sized) - dainty silver-and-moonstone.
+ Got a care package from Spooky! DVDs and a T-shirt of Midnight Monster Hop, starring (among others) her as a Russian vampire. :) And my very own Castle Blood hoodie! I have always coveted hers. :) And imps. :)
+ Got bath bombs.
+ Ordered supplies for the necklaces I plan to make. (Yes, I count micromovements; sometimes they're all I've got, and given my physical condition, that's okay. I make them, and that's what counts.)
+ Contacted local attorney re: SSD appeal. Gimme my monies!
+ Contacted insurance company re: $300 reimbursement. Gimme my monies!

The negatives are big, but the positives outnumber them. *puts on Castle Blood hoodie*
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