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99% of the time, I'm glad I no longer live in South Florida.

This is the other 1%.

Because when my parents have just been in a head-on collision, I should be zooming to the hospital, not sitting here, helplessly waiting for my sister to call.

*buries head in hands*

It was my sister who called me. I called Dad. "Are you okay?"

"We're really busy here right now, I have to call you back..."

"But Dad, are you guys okay?"

"They're examining us right now. I'll call you back."


That is not reassuring. I understand that something like this fries your brain and you can't impart information well. But all this tells me is that Dad's not dead. It tells me jack shit about Mom, or about Dad's general condition other than not-dead.

Heard from my sister again; Dad seems shaken up but all right (as far as she can tell over the phone - she's not there yet). Mom's chest hurts "real bad". They're going to the hospital. My sister wants to know if she should tell my grandma. I voted for not until we have more information.

I just tucked Elayna in. Didn't tell her. Will tell her in the morning. When we have more information. She inherited a vivid imagination from me; I don't want her up all night imagining the worst. Like I will be.

I just - I have *no* idea what happened or if Mom's going to be okay (for that matter, if Dad is - from him I get my ability to hyperfunction in crisis and my ability to not let on that I'm in pain). And I should be there, informed and helping.

I have never wanted a teleporter quite as much as I do right now.

Comments off because I do not want cyberhugs, and there's nothing conversation will accomplish tonight. I'll update as I know stuff.

EDIT: 11:30: They're both in chest pain and having difficulty breathing, but no one's bisected or anything, so things could be worse. *sigh* They've been waiting for X-rays for about half an hour. Mom's in more pain and Dad's more shaken up, per my sister. I plan to remain awake til I know more.

What's getting pieced together: They were driving home, some asshole was tailgating, Dad tapped on the brakes as a get-off-my-ass warning... it gets confused from there. I think what happened was that the guy tried to pass Dad and somehow misgauged, but I don't see how that could result in a head-on collision, as was first described. I think they don't remember what happened, just lights and screams.

EDIT: 12:50: Mom's back from X-Ray. Her lungs are intact - go team us! Likely a badly bruised or hairline-fractured rib. She's being discharged with pain meds and muscle relaxants and should go to an orthopedist in a few days. Dad's waiting for a CT scan.

EDIT: 1:30: Talked to Mom. Dad's *still* waiting for his CT. Revised story: They were driving one way, and two other cars were driving the other way, one of which was a cop car. Cop tried to pass the other guy, but clipped him, sending him into my parents' lane, bang, zoom. Mom was sure they were going into the canal, has no idea how Dad stopped the car in time. She says Dad's in worse pain than she is, and thinks it's due to steering wheel impact. She was coughing a lot while she was talking to me, which must hurt like crazy. :( Her car = totalled.

EDIT: 2:30: Dad had his CT scan, and everything looks normal. He's just in a lot of pain. :( He made me promise to go to bed. I'll try. I've been stress-cleaning. The house looks great. *wry smile*

I will take a bath with the BPAL TKO bath bomb I've been saving and try to get some rest.
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