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So. Yes.

I haven't had alone time... umm... at all this month. Which would get to me even if my parents weren't walking, talking stressors.

Definitely need time alone more than I need people time, at this point.

And I need to space out visits so I don't have houseguests/visitors for two whole consecutive weeks ever again. As of right now, I don't have anyone else visiting til April 14/15, and it needs to stay that way. And I need to take all of next week to decompress.

EDIT: On the bright side, I Got Shit Done today, though not as much as I'd hoped - jenphalian and lbitw, Nate's sax has been shipped. The stuff for our letter to our former landlady has been printed and assembled, to be sent via certified mail tomorrow. I'm done shopping for Adam's birthday. (April 8!) Got birthday card for my grandma, and cute new homework folders for Elayna (penguins and puppies).

Need sleep tonight, and getting my house put back together tomorrow.
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