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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to aussie_nyc and penmage!

Meh. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Will not be at Diesel tonight, due to ongoing parental invasion.

* Progress reports yesterday. Her organizational skills have improved slightly, but not enough. And personally, I'm torn - I think grading them on organizational skills, weighing binder checks as heavily as homework and tests, is bullshit. Total bullshit. At the same time, I don't want to pass this belief on to her, because she does have to toe the line and follow instructions. But it frustrates the hell out of me. The only reason this child isn't a straight-A student is because her binders are disorganized. Yes, the only reason - the progress reports have a breakdown. She has a 100% average on tests in all of her classes.

* Got an automated call from the school late yesterday - her big concert, scheduled for tonight, has been moved to Wednesday night. Which would be no big deal... except for the fact that her grandparents extended their visit through tomorrow morning just to see her in concert, which they never have. And now, y'know, they're screwed. And Elayna's horribly disappointed - she was really looking forward to playing for them. I'm going to call and interrogate them.

* On the bright side, her first soccer practice last night went well. She was painfully shy at the beginning (only knew one girl there), but really got into it by the end, doing a great job in the latter half of the scrimmage.

* She probably needs glasses. Will be looking for a LensCrafters to swing by after school today.

yunatwilight asked recently if any of the writers on her list had ever been moved to tears by something they wrote. Yes. This, from Blogathon.

Fun for Passover
The Two-Minute Haggadah.

See cheshyre's journal for bibs printed with the Four Questions!

Daily Science
Fun with black holes!

Daily BPAL

KALAHANTARIKA: She regrets her harsh words, spoken thoughtlessly, which caused a quarrel that divided her from her lover: hyssop, lavender, balsam of Peru, jonquil, and elemi.

In bottle: Icky floral. The jonquil? Also... a hint of mint. o.O

On me: Swear there's mint in there. Ah, there's the lavender. Otherwise meh.

KHANDITA: She, whose lover has been unfaithful. She lashes out in rage, and her heart is filled with fury: fiery saffron, neroli, severe black musk, rose otto, and a harsh splinter of rosemary.

In bottle: Lush musk and spice!

On me: This is my favorite so far. This right here is why I do the decant circles - I'd never have discovered this otherwise. Would have seen "rose" and moved on. But there is no rose on my skin. Just lush dark musk swirled with saffron, spiked with rosemary, morphing and twisting, thoroughly unexpected beauty. Need bottle.

PROSHITAPATHIKA: Her lover is away on a long journey, and she is pining for him. Sleepless and disconsolate, she counts the days until he returns: blue iris, fennel, dark musk, verbena, and a drop of star anise.

In bottle: Ugh. Verbena.

On me: Mostly verbena, though some iris makes it in.

SVADHINAOPATIKA: Proud, contented, and aglow with joy, she has conquered her lover with her charms, and she knows with all her soul that he is completely and utterly devoted to her. In bliss, she basks in the blessings of the God of Love: golden amber, oude, red sandalwood, massoia bark, honey, and currant.

In bottle: Mmmm. Sandalwood and amber, with a faint aftersmell of honey.

On me: Bark and honey and amber, mmmm.... more lushness. This fits the description. This is basking. :) Already have a bottle, thanks to an ayalanya-swap, yay!
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