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Hello to new reader omnia_mutantur!

Doing fairly well today, and have nothing physically arduous planned. Yay! Will do yoga after this post. *nods*

Results of survey of fibro patients: The most common problems were morning stiffness, fatigue, nonrestorative sleep, pain, concentration, and memory. Aggravating factors included: emotional distress, weather changes, insomnia, and strenuous activity. Respondents rated the most effective management modalities as rest, heat, pain medications, antidepressants, and hypnotics.

Took a Myers-Briggs test last night after musing over my I/E... I morph like the wind, but last night, I scored as eNFj.

Hey, artists and writers!
Tell me what you're up to. Pimp your wares. I'd like to create a permanent link on my sidebar to your stuff.

Daily Science
20 Things You Didn't Know About Bees. My favorite? #10: During World War I, honey was used to treat the wounds of soldiers because it attracts and absorbs moisture, making it a valuable healing agent. Cool!

Daily BPAL

NIGHT'S PAVILION 2007: Not the desperation, desolation and anguish of unrequited love, but the distant, chill and pitiless scent of the object of that doomed desire. White musk, osmanthus, Nile lily and frankincense.

In bottle: Lightly floral.

On me: Hm. Interesting. There's a green-ness to this - the stems of the flowers. The light musk is pretty. This is a wearable floral. Huzzah! Very pretty. Not for all moods, but definitely good for certain moods. Don't need a bottle, but will hang onto the imp.

THE OBLATION: A stirring blend of dianthus, French lavender, blackberry, and white honey.

In bottle: Lavender - sprigs of it, not generic lavender scent. Twiggish.

On me: Sprigs of lavender... the berry is barely there, an afterscent. This is nice. Not the berry/honey I'd hoped for, but still nice. As evidence of funky body chemistry - when I tried this on arrival, it was *all* dianthus. Glad I tried it again. Mmm, the berry's rising. There's my afterscent of honey. This is a morpher.

THE PERFUMED GARDEN 2007: Myrrh and Moroccan jasmine with apple peel, Indian sandalwood, myrtle, quince, citron, and thyme poured over soft musk.

In bottle: *gag* Jasmine.

On me: The jasmine softens. I get a bit of apple. A muddle. And it's disappearing.

ABHISARIKA: She boldly goes forth to meet her lover, heedless of propriety, intoxicated by love, and radiant with youthful, innocent passion: Damascus rose, African orchid, cream accord, and Kashmir musk.

In bottle: Heavy flowers, but not obnoxiously so. A draped boudoir.

On me: What's this? A wearable rose? It's tempered by the cream. Lush. The musk is lovely.
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