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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to cintyber and wolflady26! :)

Ended yesterday pretty badly.*sigh* Adam's working from home today, though, so I won't overstress my body cleaning up for the parents. Adam is a good husband. *nod*

Puppet Up!
The first batch of "Puppet Up!" videos have hit the web via the Laugh Lab video service on
There are two fresh "Puppet Up!" sketches on the site now – one featuring a trio of perverted aliens meeting a pretty girl and another showcasing a French speaking koala that robs a sperm bank. And as if those clips aren't enough for you, TBS plans to post new sketches every Wednesday! More than 30 sketches are said to eventually be part of the series available on in the coming weeks.

Daily Science
Proton beam therapy for kicking cancer's butt

Daily Scent-Stuff

Eden Botanicals Amber: This is what a pure, sweet amber smells like. *nod* Darkens on my skin. Too single-note to interest me.

Haunted Mill: This was a sample from Magical Omaha, and I can't find note info anywhere, on their site or off. *frown* In the bottle, it's sort of generically herbal-sweet. On me, it darkens. Hay bales and smoke.

Arcana: Chai layering note: I loved this so much that I ordered two bottles immediately after first trying it. In the bottle, yeah, sweet, nothing special. On me? It's pure spice. And it doesn't smell like I'm wearing a fragrance - it makes my skin smell like I'm naturally spicy. Hard to describe! I feel even more fey than usual when I'm wearing it, because humans do not have spices simmering in their skin, of course. :)

Axa Luxe: Cafe Noir: the inviting scent of black coffee, smoke, lavender, musks, woods , vanilla and spices. This is but a sniffie, alas. In the bottle, I get mostly lavender and musk. On me: Interesting. Definitely evocative. Smoke and musk. No coffee to my nose, alas.

* do yoga
* finish packaging package pixie/switch witch/BPAL sale stuff, so Adam can go to the post office
* work!
* write the Julia/Kieran scene bubbling in my brain
* clean house
* work
* do at least three checklist items
* get through backlog of e-mail before the parents descend

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