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Happy birthday to maltor!

Hello to new readers beetiger, scrabblewench, and quem98!

Still achy, but not as bad as yesterday. Will see if a hot bath helps, when Spooky awakens. I think sleeping on an air mattress did me no favors; it was not 100% inflated, you see...

Right, then. All the houses around here have names, it seems. And everyone keeps trying to refer to our house by a name in their LJ entries - I've seen Casa di SongDi (um, no), House Shadesong (better, but it omits the other residents), Chateau du Shayara (mmm... better, but not quite right), and other stuff. House Gojirawitz comes closest.

So I discussed this with Adam, and we may appropriate a house name from Kingdom of Loathing, since all three of us are KoL junkies. Names on the table include The Altar of Literacy, Degrassi Knoll, and The Palindome, for starters. Thoughts?

Is wonderful and snuggly and just good to be around. :)

She'll be in town through Wednesday afternoon (could use an airport ride - anyone?). We'll be at Diesel tomorrow night. Anyone not going to Diesel who wants to meet her (although I think 80% of the Diesel crowd was at my party)? Anyone want to meet her in a less chaotic environment? Let us know. Our schedule is fairly open. I want to show her Boston, but that takes more than two days... *sigh*

Daily Science
Halkieriids are Cambrian animals that looked like slugs in scale mail; often when they died their scales, called sclerites, dissociated and scattered, and their sclerites represent a significant component of the small shelly fauna of the early Cambrian. They typically had their front and back ends capped with shells that resembled those we see in bivalve brachiopods. Wiwaxiids were also sluglike, but sported very prominent, long sclerites, and lacked the anterior and posterior shells; their exact position in the evolutionary tree has bounced about quite a bit, but some argument has made that they belong in the annelid ancestry, and that their sclerites are homologous to the bristly setae of worms. One simplistic picture of their relationship to modern forms was that the halkieriids expanded their shells and shed their scales to become molluscs, while the wiwaxiids minimized their armor to emphasize flexibility and became more wormlike. (Note that that is a very crude summary; relationships of these Cambrian groups to modern clades are extremely contentious. There's a more accurate description of the relationships below.)

Now a new fossil has been found, Orthozanclus reburrus that unites the two into a larger clade, the halwaxiids. Like the halkieriids, it has an anterior shell (but not a posterior one), and like the wiwaxiids, it has long spiky sclerites.

The Halwaxiids = my new band name.

Daily Scent-stuff
Today, stuff from Sweet Melissa!

Vanilla Fig: vanilla mixed with fig and lucious brown sugar. [sic]

In bottle: Chemicals. With a bit of vanilla.

On me: Less chemical-y. This is mostly vanilla, with a touch of earthy fig.I'm not really getting the brown sugar.

Bewitched: vanilla blended with cinnamon, clove and amber.

In bottle: Vanilla with a titch of amber.

On me: Oh, there's the cinnamon and clove! With a hint of amber and vanilla beneath. This one's not half bad.

Raspberry Truffle: No site description.

In bottle: Very raspberry.

On me: The raspberry sinks into a powdery cocoa scent. I'll see if Elayna wants this one.

Almond Biscotti: toasted almonds, cake flour and drizzled chocolate.

In bottle: Yep. Almond biscotti.

On me: Yep. Almond biscotti.

Overall e-tailer review: Meh. Shipping was far from prompt. The scrub I ordered came *completely* separated, and customer service was just kinda "eh, it happens"; I'm used to "we'll send you a new one." They did send *lots* of samples, though - I haven't reviewed the lotions they sent, as I'm still exploring Bathed & Infused's lotions (will review them another day, but in brief, I'm very impressed with B & I), but scentwise, their Cake lotion really smells like cake - it had Elayna exclaiming incredulously "How do they do that?" The scents are okay. There's nothing here I'd wear as perfume, but if the lotions are good, I'd consider getting some in Bewitched and Raspberry Truffle (the latter for gifting). Maybe bath salts in Bewitched. *nods*

Bath and body e-tailers I'm more impressed with and would totally order from again include Bathed & Infused and Biggs & Featherbelle, to be reviewed separately. Got something you'd like me to review? Send it. :)

*updates sale post*
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