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Anyone local need a comforter?

We have two.

This is from Target. Twin-size comforter. Excellent condition - we only set it aside because Elayna wanted something less kid-like.

And a Classic Pooh comforter - I think this is crib-sized, but it might be twin. I can take it out of the bag and evaluate if there's interest.

I say "local" because shipping these would be pricy, just due to bulk.

So. Anyway. Make me an offer. I'll be putting these on Craigslist next week if no one here wants 'em...


We do need to get on track listing things on eBay. (If you need wedding goblets/champagne flutes, let me know!)

(EDIT: Everything in this gallery is for sale, really. And much more. We need to dig out all of the Sailor Moon stuff. And put up those spare copies of de Lint's Seven Wild Sisters.)
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