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Thor's Day

Rabbit rabbit!

Happy birthday to piperdawn!

I will be the Birthday Princess from today through March 14. On March 15, Elayna will take over, and will be the Birthday Princess for the rest of the month.

Yes, I used to claim the whole month. But then I had to go and spawn. (She was due on my birthday, you know... so stubborn even then that she stuck around an extra two weeks.) So now I share. *nods*

Bad last night. Moderate this morning. Will be trying to take it easy today, as I have a date tonight and do not want to be too ouchy to enjoy it!

I have the first three DVDs of Ceres (thank you, library!)... an hour of writing means I get to watch an episode. *nods*

Daily Science
Flamingos have erectile tissue in their beaks.

Daily Scent-stuff

Heaven and Earth Essentials: Inspiration: Vanilla, Sugar, Berries, Opiana and Tonka Bean Essential Oils

In bottle: Sugary vanilla. The brries are in the aftersmell.

On me: Vanillaberry. Too sweet. And when I say too sweet... :)

Heaven and Earth Essentials: Revelation: Himalayan Sandalwood, Warm Woods, drop of Antique Patchouli and a petal of Black Rose

In bottle: Rose and patchouli are weird together.

On me: Woods with rose. This is a different rose from BPAL's rose note. Less chemical. I'm still not a rose fan, though.

Heaven and Earth Essentials: Voodoo Punani: Buttercream Frosting with Sandalwood and Saffron!

In bottle: Uch! *gag* Too much frosting!

On me: The frosting dies down a bit and is joined by the sandalwood. This is a strange scent, and not unpleasant, but it's not *me*.

MMU Make Me Smooth: Basmati: Delectable top notes of Peach, Strawberry and Lemon, followed by beguiling Rose, Lily of the Valley, and Cedarwood at the heart. Wrapping up this luscious blend is a spicy-creamy Vanilla base. Delicious!

In bottle: The fruits.

On me: This doesn't smell like basmati rice to me. Which is a shame, because I'd actually love to smell like basmati rice. I'm a weird kid. This smells like fruit salad. Yesterday's fruit salad.

Updating sale post... 'crow, d'you want the stuff that's on hold for you, or no?

Last note: We are out of coffee filters. So. Yeah. No coffee for the 'song. Wish me luck on getting stuff done...
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