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Writing Marathon!

This Saturday, noon to whenever! Bring yourself, something to snack on, something to write on, something to write with, and writing prompts. :)

This is how it works:

* We pull a writing prompt out of a bowl. The prompt - say, "The last time I saw you", or "My mother's kitchen", or whatever - will be followed for the stated length of time... anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Then another prompt will be drawn.
* Every hour, we take a break to stretch, snack, and read our work to each other. (Reading your work is not mandatory.)
* Lather, rinse, repeat until fall over.


* The motto of Writing Marathons is "Shut Up and Write". While the timer's going, no talking. If you have nothing to write on the topic, you can write on another topic or do something quietly. This isn't a meet & sniff, this isn't a gaming day, this is a Writing Marathon.
* Please keep all prompts to a maximum level of PG-13. This is Elayna's treat, this marathon. If you have something to read that might not be appropriate for her, I can ask her to go upstairs... but I want her to be able to participate as much as possible! We can do a XXX Writing Marathon sometime else. :)

About House Gojirawitz:

* Three cats. Medicate accordingly.
* There are several downstairs rooms that are ideal for writing. The upstairs bedroom, should Adam not be using it, can be a decompression room. (Writing Marathons can pull out things you didn't know were there.)
* Yes, on-street parking is allowed.

Any questions? Any RSVPs? :)
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