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Stretching the metaphor

It has been discussed that Cyn does not invade neighboring countries sans passport... it has been discussed that my passport office is closed today, but all are welcome to return and apply on another occasion.

Much exploring of the Shadesong has occurred.

It has been decided that I am not a country; I am a principality.

Cyn: "She sticks to her principles."
Me, leering: "And everyone else's!"
Alanya, being hugged: "Ew, sticky!"
Me: "Try it! It tastes good!"

A survey of the principality of Shadesong will continue. Particularly the southern areas, it seems.

Not a topographical survey, mind you.

Unrelated: We were treated today to the sight of Alanya jumping on the couch and brandishing an imaginary blue dildo.

Yeah. It's one of those days.

We will now return to our homoerotic anime.
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