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Still Places

(All text by yunatwilight. We need guys! C'mon, play with me! :) )

The Ohtori Academy Alumni Association is pleased to request your presence at the Ohtori Academy Class of (date smeared and illegible) Ten-Year Reunion at the Suzaku Hotel in Minato, Tokyo.

Program and dancing will begin at eight o'clock, and it will all be over at the stroke of midnight.

A reunion is the perfect opportunity to encounter those you thought you'd never see again and experience memories you thought were behind you forever. Don't miss out on this one final opportunity.

No registration fee; all invitees are welcome. Refreshments will be served. RSVP absolutely required.

"Still Places" will be running twice in March and April:

* Restricted alpha-test on March 17th in our private space;
* Premiere open to all players on April 7th at Pandemonium Books and Games in Central Square, Cambridge.

As it takes place after the series' conclusion, this fanLARP contains fatal spoilers for its ending. Most roles require knowledge of Shoujo Kakumei Utena, but there are two male and two female roles per run that can be played with minimal series knowledge.

If you're interested, please complete the questionnaire and e-mail it to the first-run gamemaster at yunatwilight%gmail%com (replacing % with other symbols as appropriate). If you cannot download it or require another file format, e-mail me and I will make it happen.

Current status: The game comprises 7 female and 4 male roles.

* March 17: 3 female roles, 1 male role available
* April 7: 6 female roles, 4 male roles available

We are also still looking for two assistant gamemasters/Shadow Girls for the March 17th run. We will consider cross-casting if someone is very appropriate for a role.

If there is sufficient interest, additional runs will be scheduled. Three months after the final run, the game will be made available to other troupes as a game-in-a-box.
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