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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader ignorantium!

Pretty much okay so far. Really tired, due to being awakened at about 5:30 by the wild toe hunter, Miss Victoria.

All of them. From every episode. Here.

I wanna be a Science Scout! I've earned a bunch of those badges already.

Cute buttons!
Over here. I bought a handful of these at Boskone.

Daily Science
Tapeworms are actually pretty fascinating. Who knew?

Daily BPAL

City in the Sea: The scent of Death’s seaside throne: luminous aquatic notes threaded through by creeping ivies, white woods, waving kelp and bruised violets.

In bottle: Sharp and clear, but with violets lurking.

On me: A sharp cleaning-products smell. :(

Blue Moon: Mugwort and bay, for psychic sensitivity…
Juniper, for divination through dreams…
Orchid and galbanum, for complexity, wisdom and noscere…

… with a potent lunar-charged blend of poppy, calamus, orris, wood aloes, moonflower, cucumber, and pale creeping buttercup.

In bottle: Sweetly clear. Definitely feeling the cucumber.

On me: Barely enough to smudge on, but enough to tell that I'll be buying Blue Moon 2007, when it comes out. Very light florals, but mostly crisp cucumbers. :)

Flower Moon: a bouquet of vivid, sexy blooms… tulip, daffodil, violet, dewdrop, rhododendron, iris, daisy, and a mix of California wildflowers.

In bottle: It's floral, but I like it. I am so confused.

On me: Sticky-sweet blooms. I don't know enough about these flowers to pick out which is which, and I really wish I did!

Fruit Moon: A horde of wet, ripe fruits: green apple, apricot, blackberry, black cherry, black and red currants, cantaloupe, English pear, guava, lemon and lime, orange, mandarin orange, kiwi and mango, passion fruit, papaya, Georgia peach, raspberry, plum, tangerine, pomegranate and strawberry over a luminous blend of lunar oils.

In bottle: Like every fruit *evar*, appropriately - individual notes rising and retreating.

On me: Chemical with strawberry undernote. I'll let Elayna try this and see if it works on her.
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