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Hello to new readers digitalpoetry, justaskforit, and teddywolf!

Much better than last night. I can walk again. *laugh*

Just did a big cut, generally just cutting the people who I feel don't read LJ anymore or don't read me anymore.

People look at my friendslist and scoff - "There's no way she knows almost 400 people!" Actually, I do. I know about 70% of them in person or online for 5+ years. So. It is hard to cut, but at the ame time, I'm meeting new people up here - new people are becoming part of my life - and I want room on the reading list for them.

So. If you're cut, and it matters to you, just let me know; I tried to just cut the people I figured wouldn't care one way or another.

Today's Schedule
Science and craft kit day with Miss Kid; dinner with mizarchivist, fubar, and quiet_elegance.

Daily Science
Forget oatmeal and sweaty work-outs, if it's heart disease you're worried about, the best insurance policy might be a regular afternoon nap, a study said. That's because a little shut-eye in the middle of the day can dramatically reduce the risk of death from heart-disease, presumably because of its stress-busting effect, the authors of the study said. In fact, in a long-term study of Greek men and women, the ones who took at least three 30-minute siestas every week had a 37 percent lower risk of heart-disease related death than those who skipped an afternoon snooze.

Daily BPAL
Got my Inquisition decants!
The Agony of Longing: Attar of rose, violet, white pear, Queen Elizabeth root, and freesia.

In bottle: Rose and a slice of pear.

On me: A first blush of pear and freesia is promising! Let's let it sit for a bit.

The Agony of Heartache: Purple sage, red patchouli, blackberry, lemon blossom, and lime rind.

In bottle: All sage, all the time.

On me: Just sage. This reminds me of the wilderness survival camp. Nothing but thorny bushes of sage. Little tinge of blackberry now, but not enough...

The Agony of Loss: French lavender, cedar, armoise, white sandalwood, awapuhi, and the smoke of burning love letters.

In bottle: Null. Hrm.

On me: Prickly lavender. Faint incense. Fading down to almost nothing.

This surprises me! I never expected a rose scent to be the winner in this group. But the Agony of Longing is well-balanced and sophisticated. I don't crave a bottle, but I'll definitely keep and use the imp. The other two get swapped or sold.

I'll review the Ecstasy scents tomorrow, then update my swap/sale post.
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