Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Post-Con Roundup

State of the 'song: In so much pain that it hurts even to touch my arm. Taking Tramadol now, which I should've done before my nap. Evidence of how bad off I was at points of this weekend - people actually noticed. *wry laugh* I have my laptop in my lap because heat helps.

State of the Elayna: in Wii withdrawal, but coping admirably. Mostly by talking nonstop about the Wii.

State of the Adam: "Tired." *pause* "But happy."

State of the cats: They're starting to forgive us for having abandoned them to their own devices all weekend. Max and Jack are back to normal, at least. Miss Queen Victoria is still dashing around like a madwoman with pica.

State of the house: Cluttered, cluttered, cluttered. Mostly with piles of recently-acquired books on every flat (or flat-ish) surface. Laundry has been sorted. Toiletries have been put away. These are things that must happen immediately following any trip/vacation/con, or Mama Gets Tetchy. But the books will take longer to sort out.

State of the week to come: If you have kids, for the love of any god you worship, bring them over to distract my child so I can get some work done. :) We have some stuff planned - urban exploration, art kits, Museum of Science - but in between these things, I fully expect to hear "I'm bored." Generally when I'm doing paying work. It is... deeply frustrating that I lost the entirety of last week to medical follies, as that made parts of this weekend unnecessarily difficult and really puts the pressure on me to Get Stuff Done this upcoming week, a week when I won't have a moment alone. Nyargh.

*Am* looking forward to time with Miss Kid, though. She is Teh Awesome.

I go read now. *nod* :)
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