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Boskone, Day 1 and 2

Con in General
This is actually a literary con. I haven't been to a con that cared about books since DragonCon went all-media. I am thrilled by this. I understand why some of my Arisia friends don't go - it's not a party con, not a relaxacon. But that's not what I go to cons for. This is what I go to cons for.

This is a freakin' fantastic hotel. Not only is it luxurious, but it is designed as a ritzy conference center hotel, so there's room enough for all of the panels! And for the art show and huckster's room, and con suite. Spacious. Perfect.

Elayna hit the video room, as they were playing Kodocha. Adam and I happily wandered. We're very glad she's of an age to manage herself at cons. :) We met up at 7:30 for a reading by Esther Friesner - Nobody's Princess, an interesting take on Helen of Troy as a child/teenager. Definitely going on my wishlist! The reading was followed by a fun discussion on the process of keeping mythology historically accurate, in terms of working with a pre-money economy, what ships would be used, et cetera. After that, we hit the gaming room, where Elayna discovered her new true love - the Nintendo Wii. :) Dinner, then more wandering, then bedtime.

Breakfast buffet, then tribble hunting! Little pompoms hidden all over the hotel. :) This entertained us for much of the day. :) Then to another reading, where Jane Yolen regaled us with fairy-tale poetry and short-short stories. I think Elayna wants to read more Yolen now. :) (Elayna, reading over my shoulder: "Yes, I do!")

Then Elayna was off to do Kid Stuff with Esther Friesner (who she adored, and who so clearly loves hanging out with kids). Adam gamed, and I hit the Allen Steele reading. Sequel to the Coyote books!

Noon - Elayna played Rampage on the Wii, Adam went to the Other Neglected Authors panel, and I went to one of my most-anticipated panels - The Business Side of Writing. Took lots of notes. Yay. :) At one, Adam went to the Elizabeth Bear reading, and Elayna and I went to the Many Genres of Young Adult Fiction panel... where Elayna had so many ideas and examples to chip in that Bruce Coville said, "You're great! You should be on this panel!" She turned beet red. :) Followed Coville to his Storytelling event at Dragon's Lair. (When I later told him how huge a fan Elayna was, that she'd bounced and squeeed when she saw his name, she blushed and said "I did not!" Me: "Did too!" Bruce Coville: "Aw... don't tease your sister!" o.O)

While she listened to stories... well, so did I. :) An Asha Greyjoy chapter from grrm's next book. (No, he doesn't know when it's coming out.) grrm was verra nifty, but... I started nodding off. And continued to do so through my next few panels.

I skipped the urban fantasy panel because catvalente wasn't there and no one on it actually wrote urban fantasy, opting instead for Blogs and LiveJournals in SF, which was... annoyingly off-topic a great deal of the time, focusing rather on the internet at large and its effects on fandom. Not helping my sleepiness! Scalzi and Teresa Nielson-Hayden were great, though, as expected. Adam spent this time at a Kate Laity reading, which he muchly enjoyed.

Having been fighting sleep through my last several panels, and having a reading at 7 that I needed to be functional for, I decided to take a nap. Tough decision, as it meant missing out on Consciousness, AI, and Downloaded Personalities: Separating the Possible from the Unlikely (wanted to take notes for the cyberpunk story) and Class-Based Societies in F & SF (Shayara, of course - and Yolen and Martin as panelists). :( But I was dozy and wobbly and... needed it. So see, Spookylove? I took care of myself!

Woke up in time for a marathon reading of catvalente's work, then dinner and TribbleFest. A last stroll through the art show (and some last-minute bidding), and off to an early bedtime once more.

And I just woke up, so I'll regale you with Sunday later.
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