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Odin's Day

Happy Lupercalia!

Happy birthday to azagthoth and LJless Jeff S.!

Hello to new reader ariesd!

Actually got sleep last night. Have a bit of a Flexeril hangover. Will return to bed soon. Ouchie-creaky.

...that's it? They close the schools for this? o_O Seriously?

I don't wanna hear anyone going on about harsh New England winter anymore, not until we actually get more than an inch or two of snow; this is not much different from an Atlanta winter thus far. :)

Daily Science
The sudden appearance of a large self-copying molecule such as RNA was exceedingly improbable. Energy-driven networks of small molecules afford better odds as the initiators of life.

Daily BPAL
Too sleepy right now... I shall return to bed. But later, I'll finish off the Freakshow; later still, I'll update my swap/sale post, now that all the locals who want to have sniffed 'em.
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