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Sophie B. Hawkins

Spooky and I have a Thing about Sophie B. Hawkins; our first real LJ conversation was about her, she sings several of Our Songs, et cetera. So when we heard she'd be playing in Philadelphia while I was there for PhilCon? Oh, no question. We hightailed it over, with crystalsage and contrary74.

I took pictures, as I am wont to do.

Goddamn that woman is gorgeous. (And textbook Tamrani, too.) And the concert... she has amazing, infectious energy almost on par with Great Big Sea. It wasn't a get-up-and-dance venue, or I would have. (It was a small club upstairs from a restaurant, chairs and tables and a bar along the wall.)

After the show, she was selling her new live CD and T-shirts; I fought my way through, only to be told by Snotty Merch Wench that they don't take plastic. I don't carry cash. I stayed in line anyway, and was soon face to face with ZOMG Sophie B. Hawkins, sweaty and grinning and crackling with joy, and I said "I want to buy your CD, but I didn't know it was cash-only, but - can I just hug you?" Because that's how I roll.

She looked surprised. "We take credit cards! Don't we?" (Merch wench shakes head.) "Oh no! Well - here." She presses the CD into my hands. "You can mail me a check."


I actually had my checkbook on me, so I wrote her the check then and there. And got the CD (she signed it to 'song - "That's your name? That is so cool!") and a "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" tank top, and the hug, firm and lingering and real.

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