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Bonus review!

It was a good mail day, with a letter + track listing from harkalark, a Valentine's Day package from Spooky, BPAL from setfiretolife and phinnia... and my Agony and Ecstasy Inquisition scent!

I pled ecstasy (I'm getting the Agony shirt from a decant circle), and used a flash-fiction of Fenris and Jessa to get it - the Trading Post goblins conferred and delivered to me The Ecstasy of Infatuation: Black cherry, pink grapefruit, white musk, lemon verbena, champagne grape, pikaki, plumeria, and Hawaiian ginger.

In bottle: Grapefruit. Not as OMG grapefruit as Hungry Ghost Moon, but... citrus doom lurks in this bottle. *eyes bottle warily*

On me: A first flush of breakfast grapefruit and lemonade. Ah! Someone dropped a cherry in the center of that grapefruit. The black cherry swells, infuses the scent, rounds it out; the ginger provides a base. The scent goes from citrus hell to a complex fruity scent, muted and sophisticated. The florals lurk in the very background, barely-there.

This is not the one I wanted - I wanted the Ecstasy of Passion (bourbon vanilla, red musk, galbanum, ambergris, sweet clove, petitgrain, and golden amber). Very, very much. I'll confirm when I get my decants that that's the one I want the most, and then I'll likely put this up for swap for it. Complex fruity is nice. Sexy musk/vanilla/amber/galbanum is better.
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