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My Valentinr - shadesong
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That one's for me.

My Valentinr - elayna
Get your own valentinr

That one's for Elayna.

I'm sitting on my yoga mat right now, cross-legged, typing; she's sprawled on her bean-bag chair, playing PlayStation, her head on my lap. Every so often I kiss her forehead, and she smiles, distracted by Ratchet and Clank on the screen, hands tapping at the controls.

We have not done anything exceptional today, anything extraordinary. We put away the clean clothes, the clean dishes. We sang. The Elayna Playlist - songs I sang to her in the bathtub when she was two, songs we sing together in the car, Indigo Girls and s00j.

We smile. We hug when we pass each other. We sing.

She is getting used to this, getting more comfortable, gaining confidence in the fumbling of pads. I'm glad I kept her home today; she needed a day to get the hang of it.

She thanks you for your stories - it's a relief to know that she's not the only one who was caught off guard, who wigged out. She's not crampy anymore. She's okay.

She had a big heart-shaped red-sprinkled sugar cookie with lunch. We'll have a nice family dinner. We'll play Chrononauts. :)

(For the record, I was 14, and so was my birthmother; Elayna is just shy of 12, so we really were not expecting this just yet! Elayna had had the Talk, of course. It just didn't feel relevant yet. I was among the last of my friends to get my period, so it wasn't really a shock. Just the moment of surprise when I looked down, and "Grandma? I just got my period." my parents were out of town - my grandparents were staying with us. Grandma had to bring me pads, because there weren't any in my bathroom; she insisted on staying and "helping", when really I just wanted her to go away. *laugh*)
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