Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Circles and circles and circles again...

I sink into the conversations my characters have, dissecting them, and I could spiral in on them forbloodyever. "Wait, why would Julia say that when I already know she feels the opposite about this and it's the same thing?"

Not to her, it's not.

"But... it's hypocritical."

People are.

"Not logical."

People aren't.

And this is part of what frustrates me in Real Life, too. I keep expecting people to dissect motivation like I do, and they don't. Conclusions are reached which are not logical. People aren't. Not by default. So naturally there will be characters who behave in illogical manners.

And the Julia who says this, belligerent and closed-body-posture, is years younger than the Julia who says that, warm-voiced and smiling. Not contradictory at all. Learning.

Even if she hasn't accepted it for herself just yet. She can accept that it can be so.


Julia goes through a pretty big metamorphosis. Napalm, too, and even Kieran.

Y'know who doesn't visibly undergo one?


Hers is not as big. It doesn't need to be. Hers is mostly a matter of others beginning to see her for who she's been all along. She plays the ingenue for longer than she should, really... but given the life it gets her, wouldn't you?


I still don't like Marcus. Really have to do something about that. That's part of why I jumped back to explore Jessa's life some more. I know that it's not that she chooses Marcus over Fenris, that it's Fenris who walks - but I am just not seeing why she'd fall for Marcus in the first place. And I need to be able to understand.


I like seeing Julia turn to Ryan as a confidante. At first I thought it was just a matter of not feeling that he'd try anything on her - but she'd get that from Donna, too. Not just a matter of closeness in age. There's Capri, there's Halloran.

Ryan's the only other member of this Talthrar Kithrayna who was born outside Shayara, in the human world. He's the only one of them who knows what it's like to not know what you are.

Right. Going to try the sleep thing again now.
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