Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

From the perspective of somebody who is not me, what are your thoughts regarding me and [redacted]?
I don't really know the situation well enough... what aspect of it are you looking for an opinion on?

So, my fourth con is in High Point, NC next month, you gonna make it to keep up the streak?

Do you =still= want that little key?
I do! We can talk about the cuff in e-mail.

When are you and Adam going to visit NYC?
Probably this summer.

If you were to become Gulliver(a) - would you prefer to visit the isle of Lilliput or Brobdingnang?
Lilliput, so I can experience being taller than someone. All y'all are Brobdingnangians to me.

What should I smell like today?
What've you got? Something spicy, if you have it.

Can you forgive someone who abused you? Can you ever be friends with them again?
Hm. In the cosmic sense, I have found that I am able to forgive. Once enough time and distance has passed. I do not think I could be friends with them again, though. If they'd just treated me poorly, maybe. But if they'd abused me, no.

What made your creative mojo come back?
Who/what was your biggest inspiration for doing a comic?

I'm stacking those because the answer's the same - m0usegrrl. I went through seven years of writer's block after the rape. And then, at DragonCon 2001, Mouse - surrounded by her amazing art - wistfully sighed that she'd love to do a comic, but couldn't write. I shyly volunteered that I had a story, but couldn't draw...

I'd never thought of doing Shayara as a comic before that, but now I'd never want to do it any other way.

The intro story on the website was the first thing I wrote post-rape. So now you know why it's so rusty and clunky. :) Seven years of disuse of the writerbrain. I've been writing pretty continuously since then, so I'm back to producing good stuff again. :)

What's your favorite... anything?
My favorite ice cream, right now, is Brigham's Fluffernutter. Peanut butter ice cream with a ribbon of marshmallow fluff and chunks of mini peanut butter cups. My favorite ice cream parlor ice cream is J.P.Licks' Gingersnap Molasses. In Atlanta, it was Jake's Honey Fig.

How is your amazing daughter doing?
Doing well. :) She's happy to have a new best friend here, and she's going to a dance tonight. She's growing like a weed.

How is the Shayara Primer coming along? Or did I miss it?
You didn't miss it; I need to write the very last part, and I'm working on that concurrently with the website/webcomic stuff. The Primer will now also include the Donna comic we're doing to launch the webcomic.

What is the best way to find poly people in Boston when you're very shy and not looking for cheap sex?
polyboston has a Tuesday-night social at the Diesel Cafe in Davis Square. It is not meat-markety. You should come! I'll introduce you around.
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