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Today's medical frustrations

* Got a packet from Social Security Disability; I have to fill everything out all over again. Nyargh. Anyone know a good SSD attorney 'round here? I know this would go easier with one...

* Finally got a call back from the insurance company (I'd called them yesterday morning) - they say my doctor (local neuro this time) hasn't completed the paperwork, which they allegedly sent him on the 2nd. Gee, it would've been nice if they'd called me back yesterday, since I spoke to said doctor today and could've brought that up. (MRIs are fine, brain MRI consistent with earlier results; EEG results not yet in.)

I swear, this is a full-time job all by itself.

In other news, the combined efforts of epilepsy-drug-fatigue + fibromyalgia-fatigue had me knocked out all afternoon. Ffft. *pokes husband to brew coffee to wake brain up so she can write*
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