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The hardest part of starting to tell the story of Shayara is deciding where to start, who to start with.

The webcomic format makes this easier, actually, and makes it easier to infodump the stuff you should know going in. We're starting with a several-page story that'll go up in one shot. Viewpoint character? Donna. The Librarian. Telling the story of her people as she knows it.

And then I throw you headlong into my world.

Status of the webcomic thus far: Mouse and I have huge to-do lists. The site needs to be moved to a more stable server, and it's being completely overhauled. Mouse is currently working on new art of all of the main characters; you've already seen her Julia, and she's now working on Napalm. Me, I'm working on the big huge master outline and on Donna's story.

We want to deliver your new favorite story. We want to immerse you in this world. We want your heart to break on cue.

We're working our butts off to do that, and will continue to do so. :)

This story is my heart, and I will do it justice.
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