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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ultra_lilac!

Hello to returning reader jocosa!

Feeling okay this morning after a full night's sleep. Yesterday sucked, though. *rueful grin*

Your Daily Good Deed
liamstliam will be jumping into the freezing-cold waters of Massachusetts Bay once again this year, to raise money for the Special Olympics. This year, he and his students are raising money in memory of a student who died this year. For more info, and to get him from his current $510 to his goal of $1,000 raised, click here to sponsor him!

Yay. :)
Much as I love socializing - and last night at Diesel? very, very nice. *sillygrin* - I need alone time to recharge, and that's what I'm getting for the next two days - just recharging and writing time.

If Too Many Friends is one of the biggest problems I have? It's really not a bad life.

Daily Science
What causes the smell after rain?

Daily BPAL
Those who fell in love with what I was wearing last night - it was Priala, the Human Phoenix. Possibly my new signature scent, if only because it makes pretty girls want to do naughty things to me.

Yes, I test things in strict order. It's how I roll. Priala's an exception because, y'know, phoenix.

Snake Oil = A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla..

ASP VIPER: Snake Oil with red mandarin, myrrh, and almond.

In bottle: Almond topnote... very *rich*.

On me: The richness disappears, and it's all cakey almond. :(

AUSTRALIAN COPPERHEAD: Snake Oil with acai berry, amber, cardamom, neroli, and smoked vanilla.

In bottle: Weird! Light. Berry aftersmell. I'm not getting distinct amber and cardamom - they're blended.

On me: Much the same. Pretty, but not me.

BANDED SEA SNAKE: Snake Oil with oakmoss, sea moss, and olive leaf.

In bottle: Moss, my old friend!

On me: Humph. It's barely there. What's there is pretty - vanilla and seaweed. But it's really *barely* there.

BOOMSLANG: Snake Oil with cocoa, teakwood, and rice milk.

In bottle: Chocolate-vanilla swirl!

On me: Becomes dark chocolate with a light ribbon of vanilla. On a wooden table. Yum!

It looks like I'm having a bit of a Meet & Sniff at my place on Sunday. Liam, what time d'you think we'll be back from Urban Oasis?
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