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I live!

But am teetery from the contrast dye in my brainmeats.

Yay brainmeats!


Still looking for ride to Diesel tonight. Need to shower. *tugs unwashed ponytail* Showered, and have confirmed ride with cute boy.

MRIs went fine. I'm pretty sure I napped during the first part of the brain one. My body stiffened up from being on the slab for an hour, but I'm stretching.


Heroes last night! Claire's birthmother? Is so totally my birthmother. But with shorter, darker hair. And without the pyrokinesis. Seriously. Her face, her eyes, her accent - the way she looked at Claire, the way she spoke to her. It was so very deja vu.

There was more stuff in my head.

But there's dye in my brainmeats.


...okay. I go shower, then rest. Hopefully I will be at Diesel tonight. No freakin' way am I doing the bus thing in below-zero weather, though.

EDIT: Failed to get BPAL packages in the mail. Will do post office Friday, as I plan to do nothing but write Wednesday and Thursday. (Mouse, draw Napalm!)
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