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Midafternoon miscellany

* Please take this poll!

Do the links in this post work?

Yep! I see shiny Avon products.
Nope. I am now forlorn, bereft of shiny Avon products.

Yes, you may have a "shiny button!" option.


* #1 thing you don't want to hear during your EEG: "Huh! That's interesting."

* I got the places wrong. My glance at the calendar before I left told me that the EEG was at Mt. Auburn Hospital, and the MRI was at my doctor's office building. Nyargh. = my friend, and I got there with no problem.

* Once I was there, I knew where I was. In relation to other places, I mean. A map of the Boston area is building in my head, and I get all excited when chunks of map snap into place. Last Wednesday, I navigated home from Davis Square! Friday, I guided a cab driver through Watertown to my house, over the phone! *'songboogie*

* I now have a card reader for my camera. You will soon have pictures of my cats. And house. And it was on sale for $10, with a $5 mail-in rebate. My shopping kung-fu is strong.

Now I wash goop out of my hair.
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