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Avon calling!

I need a '50s-housewife-style "Avon calling!" icon. :)


You know that Avon does makeup and skin stuff; I'm going to highlight a few other things.

(I'd be remiss if I didn't note that they're having a huge makeup sale right now, though; Come on over and browse! Up to 55% off!)

I know I have a lot of large-breasted ladies reading me. (Damn, I'm lucky.) I know that it's sometimes really hard, and really expensive, for you to get bras.

My dears, I present you with bras starting at $17.99 and ranging up to 48DDD/50DD.

Yes, Avon sells bras. They also sell clothing. Yes, clothing that I'd actually wear. I'm coveting the velour pullover/tank/pant set over here - it's an ideal and affordable yoga outfit. :)

(Speaking of things I covet - I have always wanted a fondue set!)

Here's a pretty copper fountain, just $20.

And a pedometer for $10. It is purple. :)

And totally tempting Hello Kitty pajamas.

If I can ever find the Avon @ Home stuff online, I'll post it - lots of great kitchen stuff in my paper catalog!

Those of you who are very into the bath & shower stuff - check out the sample sizes for Avon Naturals, only 99 cents! The Planet Spa stuff looks yummy, too.

I will be hitting the FootWorks section for help for my poor winter-dry feet.

Got kids? Or are you a big kid yourself? For $2 a pop, get bathtime body paints, scented soap/paints in four scents/colors. :)

Have fun shopping - and thanks for buying through me! :)
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