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Hello to new readers asciikitty, rosif3r, and the__moirai!

Slept okay, feeling okay. EEG this morning. Feh. EEGs are annoying. They're not big and scary, they're just time-consuming - and when I've had a few weeks of being so timecrunched that I'm grabbing days far in the future and proclaiming that this day is mine and you can't have it... well. It would be nice to have this morning as unwinding time. Ditto tomorrow. MRIs aren't scary, either; I'm not claustrophobic, and this'll be my third brain MRI - I know the drill by now. Just - time-consuming. Especially considering the contrast. It makes me loopy, so I'll lose an additional hour or two of potential writing time just waiting to think straight again. So I am hoping to get to the Diesel tomorrow night, but it looks like that'll depend on whether I get some writing time today or tomorrow.


Daily Science
At split-second intervals, the brain has a sense of history.

Daily BPAL
Continuing the Freak Show...
HOPE & FAITH, THE SIAMESE TWINS: Simplicity and innocence, gleefully despoiled! Hope is sugared rose, Faith is sugared violet.

In bottle: Hope has that chemical rose-stench, yep - but like maple syrup over it. o_O Faith is a light floral, with lighter syrup.

On me: Yep. Hope is chemicals and maple syrup. That's an oddity. Faith is lighter, maybe light corn syrup.

ISAAC, THE LIVING SKELETON: Bourbon, tobacco, dry bone, bay rum aftershave, and sleazy cologne.

In bottle: Yep. All of the above.

On me: Mostly the bourbon and tobacco. This is a smoking jacket worn too long.

KATANIYA, THE CLOCKWORK WOMAN: Gentle flowers over hot metal, shocked to life with electricity.

In bottle: Just the flowers.

On me: ...just the flowers. This one makes me sad, as I was hoping for a signature scent for Alanna, who's been known to secretly call herself the clockwork girl, but this isn't it. Alanna's would be leather and skin musk and the salt of blood and tears. Among other things.

Not swapping any of the Freaks til my Boston BPAL friends get a chance to try them. Spooky has dibs on Eshe, if she wants it.

EEG at 10 - Target for swimsuit and camera memory card reader - post office - home for yoga and shower - downtime til yunatwilight arrives.
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