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Random imp testing

I'm feeling lazy about Getting Stuff Done tonight, so I'll give myself a little treat: testing imps. *nods*

Yes, the BPAL obsession is weird. It's difficult to explain. Scent just makes me happy. I've always had highly defective vision and mildly defective hearing, but I've had a great sense of smell. Which is not as useful as Matt Murdock's mad skillz, but hey.

And BPAL is not just Stuff What Smells Pretty. Some of the scents are incredibly evocative of places, times. Some evolve and morph on you - scent portraits.

And it's essential oils, no alcohol, so it doesn't have that nasty chemical stench that department-store perfume has.


Carnaval Diabolique, Act III. Presenting the Freak Show...

THE PARLIAMENT OF MONSTERS: Dust, incense, wet tobacco, and a curl of opium smoke.

In bottle: Hm. Sharp, and yes, dusty. An empty room.

On me: The room fills with the memory of scent - long-ago and not-unpleasant smoke. ...and it disappears entirely before I finish the post.

ARACHNINA, THE SPIDER GIRL: A swirling, hypnotic perfume of black currant, poppy, red and black musk, lilies, nicotiana, and patchouli.

In bottle: Juicy currants and tobacco and patchouli... this is the room that smoke is wafting from.

On me: The currants lie on a bed of musk. The lilies are nicely in the background. This is lovely. :)

ESHE, A VISION OF LIFE-IN-DEATH: The perfume of life-in-death: embalming herbs, black myrrh, white sandalwood, black orchid, paperwhites, tomb dust, and Moroccan jasmine.

In bottle: White. White, dusty, fragile, crumbling.

On me: Sharp - the embalming herbs? Still white and fragile. Muted florals.

FAIZA, THE BLACK MAMBA: A sensual blend of twisting, exotic, serpentine oils: black amber, caraway, oakmoss, green sandalwood, bergamot, jasmine sambac, gardenia, orange pulp, vanilla, blackberry, black musk, white honey, ti leaf, and ginger.

In bottle: Wow, there's a lot there! This is *thick*.

On me: Ambery mossy green musky holy wow. *Interesting*. This is why I end up trying everything - orange pulp and jasmine tend to shout on me, but they're not even detectable here. Mmmm. Mama likes.
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