Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Lazy Sunday

* Despite being so exhausted last night that I was nodding off on the couch, I slept poorly. Need my Lunesta, dammit.

* Due to that, I'm staying home today so I can rest/nap when needed.

* Last night was so wonderful. :)

* Got a lot of cleaning up and organizing to do today, so the upcoming week will run smoothly.

* Look for a post tomorrow about Avon, highlighting awesome deals! I'll be doing a Monday post on that every week. Just one a week, so's not to flood your friendspage.

* Still need a ride to/from Mt. Auburn Hospital Tuesday morning. Anyone? Bueller? I'll buy you coffee. Thanks for the offers - ayalanya's got me!

* I only have two days this week that are entirely mine, and I am *hoarding* them. They are writing days. Several people asked about my schedule last night - look to next week. :)

* Now I go do yoga. *stretch*
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