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Odin's Day

A Message
Dear LiveJournal: Elayna says hi.

Happy birthday to conuly, martinhesselius, and unwilly!

Holy crap, y0.
Some of you who previously scoffed at BPAL may now be enabled: Today the Neil Gaiman scents debuted. And it's a charity line, with proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Neuro today
* Will ask him for refills on the Tramadol and Lunesta.
* Will ask him to prescribe the Lyrica and sign off on that form the insurance company needs, so I can pay $40/month instead of $150/month.
* Will ask him about heaviness/weakness in legs.
I think that's all.

After neuro today
* Will go to Target for digital-camera-hookup-thingie, as it has not resurfaced. Also envelopes for mailing BPAL.
* Will write until yunatwilight gets here!

Daily Science
This one's for Adam - The Beer Microscopy Project.

Daily BPAL

Woo! Okay. Crow Moon and Fire Pig have notes that are generally no-go on me, but sometimes get drowned out by the good notes. I've ordered decants of those and all the Gaimans from rhovanion. Oborot and Enraged Groundhog Musk sound like they'll be great on me, so I'm straight-up ordering those.

Of the Gaimans, I'm most interested in Mad Sweeney and Mama-Ji. Bilquis sounds wonderful... til I get to the rose otto. Ibis and Jacquel have no notes I'm in love with, but they may surprise me. The citrus in Mr. Nancy and Spider make me nervous.

I'm surprised there's no Mr. Wednesday, no Shadow. But I'm pretty sure more are coming. You can't do a Gaiman thing and not do Sandman, too. I think this line will be expanding. Does anyone know how long it'll be around?

Melpomene: dark cypress with mint, geranium, Bulgar lavender, orange blossom and passion flower.

In bottle: Crumbling log with fresh mint nearby.

On me: Weird. Very *muddled* - none of the florals are distinct.

Talvikuu: Skeletal limbs of birch and fir coated in a thick, impenetrable blanket of snow. This is the death of the year personified.

In bottle: Sharp!

On me: Sharp, but creamy. Interesting. A colorless scent.

Malediction: Evil incarnate. Revel in your dark side with this romantically cruel scent. Contains red patchouli and vetivert.

In bottle: Wah! Yeah. There's vetivert in there.

On me: Dark red. Unpleasant. Too much patchouli.

Trick #2: pomegrante, tobacco leaf, patchouli, wild berries, pine pitch, oak-aged vanilla, and pink pepper.

In bottle: Foody smell - not just pomegranate, but not quite berries. And tobacco.

On me: It starts off sweet - tobacco and vanilla. People have compared this to "Storyville with berries". Alas - or, fortunately for my wallet - the similarity to Storyville ends there. This fades quickly to Generic Patchouli, and from there fades from my arm completely.

Updating last night's sale post with all of these; please buy from me so I can afford Oborot and Enraged Groundhog Musk! :)

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