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Birthdays and Cakes

I've booked Elayna's birthday - a "Mind Wizardry" party by the people who ran the Treasure Hunt at Arisia. From their e-mail: "The way the 2 hr. party works is that there are a bunch of clues and the group must, by logic, figure out which mythical object they must rescue from what mythical place, guarded by what mythical creature, aided by what mythical hero. The second part of the party is designing the device/rescue plan and trying it out. "


I've asked if I can know the solution ahead of time so I know what to put on the cake, and have promised not to tell Elayna. :)

I am looking for a most excellent bakery; I'll want cakes for her birthday and for mine, and for Adam's-and-my anniversary party later this year. We weren't able to have our friends at the wedding, and we always said we'd have a party with them later... it's time we got around to it. :) Elayna's cake must be dairy-free.

I am so tired and so achy. Just popped a Tramadol. Hoping to see Alanya later.

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