Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

* My Rabbit Hole Day thing = not posting. There you go.

* Didn't make it to the Flea yesterday - finished unloading the RV, though, and I've actually put away all that I currently can. Stuff I can't lift = up to Adam, and there's stuff I can't do in my office with the airbed in there.

* Slept much of yesterday.

* Elayna is now a Tony Bourdain fan.

* Not much sleep last night. (This is still registering as "tonight" to me; likely because no one else is awake.)

* We do plan to attempt the Flea today. We must shop! Horsehair flogger and whip, please.

* Well, since I'm up, let's review my non-BPAL oil samples.

Burlesque: The sweet, smoky decadence of a bawdy dance hall, with bold amber, spicy chocolate and the warm wood of a well-traveled stage. Turn your daily grind into a bump and grind. - Spicy hot chocolate! Yum. This is like a Vosges Red Fire bar. Great throw, too.

Murder Ballad Blues: In the tradition of murder ballads, the essence of an old-time jailhouse lament (on fiddle): wild Appalachian blackberries and sugared mountain violets with hints of dark earth and guilty secrets. No mice were harmed in the making of this perfume. - I get pure berry here - but blueberry, not blackberry. Peculiar.

Queen Crossbones: The adventurous scents of a pirate queen's far-flung travels: creamy Egyptian musk, wild honey, sweet coconut and exotic resins. Because a bad attitude and a stolen galleon will get you everywhere!- Honeyed musk, which becomes more musk than honey, alas.

Alternative Breeding
Eternal Hunger: Honey, balsam peru, clove, ginger root, vanilla, sweet musk - A weird little musk. I was hoping for more honey. :( The ginger and clove pop up, but then fade into the muddle.

Bombshell Bath
Aztec Coffee: Spiced black coffee with a hint of chocolate and hazelnut. - That... doesn't much smell like coffee. More like soggy coffee grounds. Of cheap flavored coffee. Ugh.

Sparta Soap
Caravan: ...a complex blend of essential oils, including Frankincense & Myrrh - This is the most complex of all of these. There's something very *fresh* about it, too. This is a happy daytime scent.

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