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Warning: Do Not Massage!

Some elaboration on that...

I am perky and small and quite clearly touch-welcoming; when I'm comfortable touching a person, I am very snuggly.

I find myself in a community where many express their affection through impromptu shoulder rubs or back rubs (the latter generally while hugging).

So. I find myself getting unasked-for massage quite a lot. Purely as a gesture of affection on the part of the masseur/masseuse.

Please I do not want this.

When you rub my shoulders or my back, you run the risk of aggravating my fibro.

I think that I have been good about being very patient when people do this - "No, honey, that hurts." "Please don't - it'll set off the fibro." Et cetera. Because I know that it comes from a place of affection.

I should start yelling "Bad touch!" *laugh*

But seriously, as a boundary thing, now: No massage. Hug me, snuggle me, squeeze my hand; these are all okay. (Though varying pain levels can mean that sometimes all touch is bad touch, but I'm patient when saying that, too.)

Thank you. *hugs*
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