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Tew's Day

Aaaand we're back.

Happy birthday to emilytheslayer!

Hello to new readers botia, cathouse_blues, lacey, and lyssabard, and returning reader gladstone!

Moderate pain day yesterday. Today feels mild-to-moderate.

It's definitely an adhesive allergy rather than a latex allergy. I get it from electrodes, medical tape, and now bandaids.

For the first time since we moved here, there is snow on the ground! There's not *much* of it, mind you. But it is definitely there. :)

Online education directory!

Hey, California!
Anyone live in or near Burbank and free on Feb. 10 and wanna do a thing for me?

Daily Science
It is the nano-equivalent of seeing the first stone disc roll down a prehistoric hill: German and French scientists have, for the first time, observed a nanoscopic wheel rolling over a flat surface.

Bonus: Jewelry made with molecules. Okay, really all jewelry is made with molecules. But this is made to resemble molecules.

Daily BPAL

The Music of Erich Zahn: A ghoulish and tortured scent, suffused with the blackness of space illimitable: ajowan, vetiver, black musk, opoponax, mimosa, and tamarind.

In bottle: Huh. Weird. What does that remind me of?

On me: Indian restaurants. *looks up unfamiliar stuff* Ajowan. That's got to be it. I smell like an Indian restaurant. It's a foody smell, but savory, not sweet. I quite like it. :)

High John the Conqueror: No scent description.

In bottle: Sweet and golden.

On me: Barely there. Soft and yellowgreen.

Kumiho: A sharp, biting blend of crisp white tea and ginger.

In bottle: Hm. Is that citrus?

On me: Yep. Someone put lemon in the tea. *gags*

Odin: His scent is dry elm bark, amaranth, warrior’s musk, and Odin’s Nine Herbs of Power.

In bottle: Sharp. I smell the elm, definitely.

On me: Mostly elm. Bits of something herbal. Nice. :)

Today: Writing, working; trip into town to mail stuff and drop off library books; warm bath?; Diesel.
Tomorrow: Doctor at 10:15; trip to Hopkinton with yunatwilight and wired_lizard to get new kittygirl; cuddling and anime!
Thursday: writing, working; coffee with jadasc
Friday: Kires arrives!
Weekend: the Flea. :)
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