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We talked to Kires last night... ydnic, he wants to know if any of the remaining stuff will have trouble fitting through the door of the RV. I gave him your e-mail address, but you could answer here if you like.

He is due in on Friday, with plans to stay through the weekend and attend the Flea with me... he'll then fly down to PA middle of next week and fly back up here, hopefully staying through the Hot Foods party. *beam*

So. Two reasons to be bouncy: Kires (seeing him, the sex, introducing him around), and my stuff. He is schlepping the rest of my stuff up from Georgia. All of it. My shoes. My clothes.

*falls over*

Yay. :)

New readers: Summation of move, which occurred late October: U-Haul's largest truck too small for our household. Emergency shift of randomly-selected boxes to storage. 25-hour drive to Boston with cats. Sofa and wall unit could not fit through initial staircase; sofa was hoisted up onto balcony and later dis- and re-assembled in our living room; wall unit was stored and eventually inadvertently destroyed. In December, ydnic drove as much of our crap as she could fit on her truck up here. kires is handling the rest this week. I will finally have bras, boots, favorite shirts, art, et cetera...

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