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evening miscellany

* Queen Victoria has a vet appointment on Tuesday, which means we can probably pick her up on Wednesday!

* Elayna has grown over an inch since we moved here, per the Measuring Wall. She's now up to my eyeballs.

* She and I are doing much better today, having hashed out our differences in a reasonable manner.

* I need to inventory my BPAL so I don't order/swap for duplicates. If I don't intend to, at least. Plus, many of the rares I first tried in imp form, I now have bottles of; this frees up the imps to swap for more stuff. (I didn't set out to do a "try the whole catalog" thing, I swear!)

* Also need to update my wiki so I have an easy reference for what I've tried already.

* Every time I look at this icon, I beam.

* Goal for this evening: clear the random crap off my desk, file stuff, do what office organization I can, put away clean clothes, get caught up on email a bit, outline Donna comic in full, make list of what we need in the new site. (I could've gone to a party tonight; I opted not to because I thought I'd have to be home with the kitty. No kitty. I could've gone. *pout*)
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