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And now, some words to go with that glorious picture.

(And it is glorious, isn't it? I am continually giving thanks that an artist as incredibly gifted as m0usegrrl fell in love with my story. It is so freakin' incredible that someone else sees and can translate the world in my head.)

Yes, this is a radical shift in format, but it's one that makes sense. Dead-tree, single-issue comics are just not the way to go as an independent publisher (thousands of dollars to launch a single issue!) or as a storyteller (only 22 pages, infodump, cliffhanger). We'd been planning on doing it as three graphic novels - the trade paperback format is where comics are heading, and also, this way, we'd get to be in bookstores and But no movement was happening on the creator front.

Then I had an idea. "Huh. Mouse? What about if we do it as a webcomic?"

Mouse: "Omigod YES I have been wanting to do a webcomic forever!"

So. A couple of months now I've been sitting on this, just ready to explode. Hee! And now I can talk about it. :)

I have always been very aware of my medium, taking every opportunity to use it to the maximum. It's why I write this as a comic instead of straight prose - there's so much more I can do when you add in that extra layer.

Well - here's another layer or two I can use. :)

You'll get character blogs. You'll get vocal tracks. You'll get a hell of a lot of surprises. If Mouse and I pull this off, and I'm pretty sure we will...

You've never seen anything like what we've got in store for you.

Over the next months, I'll be writing my ass off, finishing the Primer and kicking off the webcomic. Mouse will be drawing - creating a nice big backlog.

Two months before the premiere, we will start rolling out the cool shit. Every Tuesday, you get a piece of promo art. Every Thursday, you get a piece of story.

And we're opening up with a multipage short comic-book-in-itself - Donna, telling the story of the Dasaroi from the beginning of her first life, through the Fall, through to today.

Boom, baby.

And yes, there will be icons, wallpaper, and merch. I want a T-shirt of this first promo piece. :) There will be a forum. There will be contests. And lots more, that we're holding secret for now. :)

I am going to tell you my story.

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