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Birthday Party Date Grab!

My birthday is March 2; my birthday party is Saturday, March 3. I'm turning 33 and celebrating on 3-3. :) I will be a palindrome!

All local friends are invited. Even if I've only met you a few times. What better time to get better acquainted?

All nonlocal friends are invited, for that matter. Gwyn, AirTran's having a sale!

Party will be at my house. Time TBA. Early portion of the party will be kidfriendly, though my house is *not* childproofed. Later portion of party will be more adults-only. (It's not that kind of party, but I will need a birthday spanking. ;))

There are cats; please medicate accordingly. We can shut them up upstairs if we absolutely must, but prefer not to, as Jack, for one, loves people.

*beam* Birthday party!
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