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Welcome to new readers fenicedautun (did I meet you Sunday?), laurion (did I meet you at Arisia?), and trowa_barton (I know I met you!)!

Okay. Got to bed at a reasonable hour, with the aid of Lunesta. Mild-to-moderate pain day. Took a walk last night, longer than I should've, which showed me how deconditioned I am. Ugh. :(

Tomorrow, we take Elayna to a local animal shelter to get her own cat! EDIT: We're going to Baypath, which is a no-kill shelter; also, they have a cat room, so Elayna can just walk right in and get chosen by Her Cat.

Me: "I'm going to send Elayna in - without me, because cats bond to me like no one's business."
dicotomygrrl: "Hon, even cat people bond to you. I have seen this. It's crazy."

I have prepared Elayna for the fact that her cat will bond to me as well since I'm me and since I'll be the one spending all day with it. She understands. But it's important to us to have that first bond be with *her*. The cat will be in her room while Max and Jack acclimate to its smell and presence. Must pick up a disposable litter box...

Anyone have...?
A spare printer cable or one of those thingies you use to get the pictures from a digital camera on your computer? Figured I'd see if anyone had one they could give/trade/loan before I spend monies.

Yes, I'm terribly inarticulate this morning. Need more coffee.

Daily Science
Experiments on monkeys may explain an enduring mystery surrounding the 1918 influenza virus that inflicted the deadliest plague of the last century, a new study says.
The H1N1 virus broke out among troops in the trenches of the Western Front of World War I, and the pathogen spread in large part through their demobilisation at the end of the conflict. By the time the flu had run its course, 25-50 million people around the world had died.
But one of the biggest riddles is why so many of the victims were adults in the prime of life rather than the very old and the very young, the typical fatalities in a flu epidemic...

And since you have been very good, you get a Bonus Daily Science: a guide to the formation of the elements.

Daily BPAL
Sugar Cookie '05, The Caterpillar, Niflheim, VerdandiCollapse )

Friday memeage!
Happy Bunny pajamas. "In Heat" panties. Fuzzy red socks.

Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos, by Seth Lloyd.
Elayna is reading The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place, by E.L. Konigsburg.
I have no idea what Adam is reading.

I'll tell you that later. :)

Housebound day for me today - more con recovery, bit of tidying, writing.
Tomorrow: Cat!
Sunday: Acclimating cat!

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