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Vendors and artists who impressed me at Arisia

I am, as always, blown away by the work of m0usegrrl and ayalanya. My parents' birthday gift to me this year is a necklace by ayalanya. Yay gorgeous custom jewelry, and yay money going to my friends!

sothe had gorgeous stuff in the art show as well - jewelry and sculpture with bones. I do want to commission something with vertebrae. I love vertebrae. I don't know what it is about them. So delicate, but they protect the core of the body. Beautiful. Skulls, too.

Columbine had lovely stuff, too; I bought a large oval labradorite ring from her, and seriously pondered some other stuff. She's veryvery nice, too. :)

Mawson Made had some nifty clothes - I think this is where rafaela got her new dress.

RockerBoy had the cutest stuffed toys! I want.

Parrish Relics - the most unbelievably gorgeous jewelry! *wistful sigh*

The Crystal Grove sold me my new drum. :)

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