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Evening miscellany

* Set your TiVos! Mythbusters pirate special tonight! Yarr!

* I fell asleep maybe ten minutes after that last post, and only recently woke up. Adam has been of the "give 'song all the sleep her body wants" school of thought, and I'm trying to break himof that, as it means I'll have trouble getting to sleep tonight, and I really need to try to normalize my sleep schedule.

* This means I have not gotten *any* writing done today. Maybe after the rest of the family goes to bed. Clip my hair back with my hair Shoggoth and go at it. (Did anyone get a pic of me with the hair Shoggoth in on Friday?)

* I need a 16" chain for my labradorite pendant. It's dangling in my cleavage at 18". Yes, I know, but it's square, so it doesn't look right in my cleavage.

* I woke up from a nightmare: I dreamed that it was early December again, and that all of the insanity of holidays and con-planning was still ahead of me. Yeah. The fact that holidays and con-stuff made me wake up in a panic? I need to reevaluate my fun-time. Not doing any panels for Boskone, for one thing.

* On the bright side, before the whole school evacuation thing, I had a nice healthy breakfast and did my morning yoga. And I *did* find the writingbit I was looking for, though I think it'll prove unhelpful, since I'm going to be going at the event in question with such a different perspective; the previous bit was widescreen, and this is a closeup, if that makes any sense. And yay for unreliable narrators!

* I go now.

* Yarr.

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