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So shortly after that last post, I got a series of jumbled automated phone calls that combined to let me know that there was some problem with the furnace/the boiler/an antifreeze leak/possible alien invasion, and Elayna's school had been evacuated; I was to pick her up at the town library. I obeyed. Found the kid without much trouble, grabbed a few new mangas for her*, and headed out. On the way out, we ran into Elayna's best friend and her mom, who invited us to lunch at Friendly's.

Now, I don't do well with others moms. I'm socially awkward. I'm younger, I'm weirder. I do not fit. But this was Elayna's best friend, so I said yes.

Went to Friendly's, had the kind of small talk you have with strangers... until I mentioned that I was still recovering from a convention this weekend. "What kind?" she asked.

I hesitated and near-mumbled "Science fiction."

"Oh! Arisia?"

I perked up. "Yes!"

"Oh, this is the first year in ages we haven't gone!"

She's fen. She's fen, she's epileptic, and she leads a Girl Scout troop - Elayna's getting in in time for cookie sales! And we talked for ages, for quite a few refills of the coffeepot.

Dude. I made a new mom-friend.


* I am unable to leave the library without checking *something* out.
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