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A Shadesong Guide for the New Reader

*waves* Hi! I'm Shadesong. No, that's not my legal name. Yes, it's what I go by in person, that or 'song. (The apostrophe is silent.) Trust me, you can't pronounce my legal name. Many have tried and failed. Just call me 'song. :)

I live in the top two stories of a house in Watertown, MA, having recently escaped the event horizon of the Deep South. I love my houselet very much. :) It is open and sunny and me-sized, and I have a supernifty office. I live here with my fabulous husband Adam (yendi) and wonderful daughter Elayna, who will be twelve this year, and two cats, one loving and sweet and purry (Max, a chocolate-point Siamese) and one batshit crazy with a beard festish (Jack, a tuxedo cat). We're getting a new cat this weekend - stay tuned. :)

I have epilepsy and fibromyalgia. I spent the last few years struggling with various medications that short-circuited my brain and fucked with my body hardcore, dropping me down to 85 pounds, costing me my job, and doing various other horrible things. I'm writing a book about this. I was dropped off all my meds in September for a weeklong video EEG monitoring session, and refused to go back on the hell drugs; I'm only on Lyrica now, and am seizure-free and mostly side-effect free. (I get muscle twitches. I can live with that.) The fibro is easy to live with by comparison. I'm just trying to learn to pace myself, which is difficult; I'm very much a full speed ahead and damn the torpedos sort of person.

I write a comic called Shayara with m0usegrrl (aka Mousie). Stay tuned for major Shayara news Real Soon Now. Read back through the "shayara" tag in my journal for prose bits, join the community, add it as an LJ interest! *grin* I'm also working on a retelling of Tam Lin set in modern-day Las Vegas; that's being serialized at placesyouhaunt. And a memoir of my time in Vegas - read back through the "walking on water" tag. Caution: includes my post about my rape.

Yes, I'm a survivor of rape and other sexual assault. Yes, I'm okay now. I made the hard journey from terrified victim to fully functional sexual and sensual person - ask me how! No, seriously. I believe it's the responsibility of those who're farther down the road to recovery to help those who have just begun. I believe that talking about it is the first step, and maybe the most important; it breaks the implicit lock of silence the act of sexual violation forces on a person. And I'm still talking because people need to know they're not alone.

I have a button that says "Bi, Poly, Switch: I'm not indecisive, I'm greedy!" I have another button that says "Bisexual, Polyamorous, Involved (Not Looking)". That pretty well covers me for the time being. :) I have a lovely girlfriend (elionwyr), a partner-in-crime (kires), and a few people who are nebulously not Partners, but much more than fuckbuddies (harkalark, slipjig, the Craftsman). And I have some friends with benefits. My calendar is very full.

I am really, really, happy these days. :) I live near most of the people I love now, I don't have to work a day job, I'm getting paid to write whatever I want, whenever I want, I'm finally off the hell drugs and I have my brain back, and I love Boston! This is what I've been working toward for years, and I finally have it all. And now I have the time and space to plan what's next. :)

Any questions?
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